Flexible workforce when you need it

We are specialists in finding the right people for the job. Both when you want to recruit for one or more permanent positions, and when you need to use temporary labor for a shorter or longer period, Safejob Energy is here for you.

Reliable player in the market

Safejob Energy is a staffing and recruitment agency that has deliveries throughout Norway, both onshore and offshore, and has existed since 2015. We are concerned with being a reliable player in the market, which supplies skilled and productive professional personnel to several industries in Norway. We are a market-leading supplier of electrical staffing, both on and off shore. In recent years, we have also supplied professional personnel to Industry and ISO projects throughout Norway and developed into a central supplier of HR and staffing services in this market.

We offer several advantageous solutions in staffing, recruitment and resource planning to customers all over Norway. Contact us for a non-binding conversation, where you give us the opportunity to tell you how we can help your company.

About us

Safejob was founded in 2015, and since then we have specialized in professionals and career opportunities within electrical, industry, ISO, construction/installation, and aquaculture. In recent years, Safejob has supplied many professionals to onshore and offshore projects in particular - throughout Norway and has become a key supplier of HR and staffing services in the market. 

Job areas

Staffing for the oil and gas industry has become a large part of Safejob Energy's deliveries, and in recent years we have supplied operators to many on/offshore projects.

Safejob Energy supplies professional personnel for both on- and offshore projects. We provide operators all over Norway.

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